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Rapid Prototyping is a collection of technologies and processes that delivers prototype components in a shorter time than conventional methods. Our own factory does not undertake in manufacturing prototypes, but we have established a network of prototype suppliers and our engineers have a very good understanding and experience about prototyping. We can help you choose the most appropriate prototype technology to suit your timescale, budget and application.

Conventional Technologies:

CNC Turning and Milling using imported 3D data to allow parts to be precisely machined in plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Newer Technologies: 

They are versatile and facilitate plastic components to be grown in liquid polymer (Stereo Lithography) or deposited as an extruded bead (Fuse Deposition Modeler) or sintered as layers of melted powder (Selective Laser Sintering). In turn these processes can be used to make accurate patterns from which components can be cast in resins or metal.